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I have recently been doing research on Surrogacy Beyond Borders and have come to realize how disgusting the company and the owners are! It's frightening to see how easy it is for them to treat the surrogates so awful and take advantage of both parties.

And to not let the intended parents and surrogates have direct contact? It is so insanely ridiculous! There is so much to say about the company and I could go on for hours about how terrible they are but there is no other way to describe Lucy Frost other than an evil women.

I don't know how she sleeps at night. The reality of this company needs to be spread and known world wide and shut down while Lucy Frost and the other owners remain behind bars for the rest of their lives.

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Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Surrogacy Beyond Borders - Don't be the next victim, Surrogates not being paid, Intended Parents life savings at risk!

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Beware of Surrogacy Beyond Borders……a San Diego-based surrogacy agency which serves as a link between egg donors, surrogates and prospective parents. Tens of thousands of dollars will be at stake. Don’t be the next victim! Your dreams of being a parent will be crushed. Their greed far exceeds any priority due to being inconsiderate of your hard-earned money. Be on guard and pay attention if you know anybody ready to hand over their money to this agency on the ground that they will simply not look out for your best interest. Don’t end up emotionally and financially broke without a child. How lovely to choose a Fertility Clinic in Cancun as the perfect place to recruit surrogates and transfer embryos at a Fertility Clinic in Cancun. The only state where surrogacy is lawfully permitted is in the state of Tabasco. This means the embryos should not be transferred at ANY Cancun clinic. However, they have been operating illegally with embryos transferred in Cancun and have encountered human trafficking fines for housing surrogates in an established Cancun housing program paid by intended parents. Legal issues of Commercial Gestational Surrogacy is an uncertainty. It is uncertain when Tabasco may decide to change the law and overnight make surrogacy illegal and refuse to turn over your genetic-link baby. It’s a lucrative business for the agency and not a win-win for all.

You will encounter this dishonest agency operating in San Diego taking advantage worldwide of intended parents, donors, and surrogates. This agency exploits on Intended Parents' (especially LGBT group) dreams to have a baby with their life savings! Your city could be the next destination of ritzy educational seminars ready to pounce on new victims. They withhold the truth and divulge you with enlightened stories you want to hear. Then they pretend to listen to you about your struggles and many years of devastating news with trying to have a baby. They will shower you with lies knowing how desperate and vulnerable you are to have a child. Should I add how sweet and tender they come across in the beginning but once you sign that contract there is no turning back. You have been warned and if you still desire to take a risky journey be ready to be emotionally devastated with no child and be at a financial loss. As you may have heard the saying, “Saving money ends up costing more later with the end result being of poor quality.”

A surrogate must pass a psychological evaluation and be clear of sexually transmitted diseases and of any diseases prior to engaging in the surrogacy program. The liberty to drink alcohol and use substances extremely harmful to intended parents’ baby goes unsupervised. There is a high risk of having an unhealthy baby due to poor living conditions of potential surrogate mothers. Especially the poor management of this agency deceiving the public that the housing program with all surrogates confined in their program are happy to be there. LIE! The homes are unsupervised and many of the women start off with sexually transmitted diseases and are given antibiotics for a number of days and cultures are tested again in a few weeks. All in the meantime you are led to believe the lies that it’s taking unexpectedly longer with your surrogate for whatever gibberish the agency wants to come up with to distract you. The intended parent is unaware of the money spent to treat the surrogate mother’s sexually transmitted disease prior to implanting their embryo to her uterus. This agency orders unnecessary expensive procedures to inflate the Intended Parents bills and intentionally does not relinquish any receipts that involve any relation of antibiotic medications to treat a sexually transmitted disease.

The poor sanitation and lack of monitoring of surrogates housed in these so-called surrogacy housing programs paid by the Intended Parents is a house filled with surrogate mothers and all their children in a destructive environment. Unfortunately, the surrogates are not given the adequate amounts of food the intended parents have paid in advance to feed their matched surrogate and the baby each surrogate is to carry. For several weekends the surrogates were making tamales and selling them in exchange for money. These women became very desperate to make money while they waited for Surrogacy Beyond Borders owners Lilly Frost and Danielle Darrin to send them money. A great number of women have paid out of their own pockets for medication and taxi trips all relevant for the preparation of their uteruses to have an embryo transferred. Many of the women in the homes are not happy to be living in such a confined setting. They have been trapped by deception when they entered the program. At first the agency allowed the surrogates to move into the agency’s provided housing program or allowed the surrogate to live in her own home up until she reaches 5-7 months of pregnancy. Suddenly the agency prohibited any surrogate to live in her own home and if she chooses to do so, her compensation will be drastically reduced. Now they feel stuck and continue to deal with the dysfunctional environment they are living daily by reason if they move out they risk a financial loss. The agency owners will tell you how marvelous and flawless their program is despite many of the surrogates constantly at battle with each other. The owners of this agency will tell you that your money is going towards your surrogate’s education as well as their children’s education. It’s going directly to their wallet.

Surrogacy in Mexico is cheap compared to the astronomical prices in the United States. And a beautiful sandy beach image of Cancun sounds appealing in comparison to the intense HOT Tabasco state where surrogacy is legal. After a surrogate delivers the baby she ought to be paid immediately but this agency does not abide to the same laws and regulations as in the United States. This agency gets away with paying the surrogates months later after their completion of delivering a baby. What’s more insulting is once payment is received, this shameful and pitiful agency makes payment in Pesos! They receive the currency in U.S. currency from the intended parent and pay the surrogates in Pesos….they pocket the rest. It’s a rapidly growing business. The women are left on their own after the baby is delivered with no healthcare to follow once she delivers and if she has any medical complications they can be left to die.

Surrogates are treated as garbage if a miscarriage occurs throughout the pregnancy. How? The surrogate will be removed from the program and is helpless in recovering money owed to her. Several women that miscarried at two months, four months, five months, and so forth are paid a few hundred dollars instead of the agreed upon amount per month regardless of reaching a term pregnancy. This is the motive this agency will not grant the two parties (surrogate and intended parent) to have any free communication via email or phone. A third party will control the communication and not disclose either party’s contact information. When the surrogate has a miscarriage she is kicked out and degraded and not allowed to speak the awful truth of the inhumane actions of lack of compensation. The intended parent by no means uncovers the reality of this disheartenment.

Surrogacy Beyond Borders does not have emergency funds in the event a surrogate is admitted to the hospital or premature labor occurs. The Staff Managers in Mexico pay out of pocket and later reimbursed. However, the reimbursement is paid in installments. The owners of Surrogacy Beyond Borders will not admit to this and create lies of previous employees termination for stealing. They are the thieves!

The surrogates are asked to sign a contract in agreement of compensation after a baby is delivered. The horrifying reality for these women is the non-disclosures of having an HIV Intended Parents embryo transferred to her. How unethical and gruesome to communicate false information to the intended parent that his surrogate mother has no objection to this yet she was not provided with this information. What this comes to is a greedy agency having no respect to giving the surrogate an option. Several months after the embryo has been transferred and the surrogate has a successful positive pregnancy, until then will the unlawful agency owners disclose to the surrogate that the embryo transfer was from an HIV intended parent. When the surrogate responds with anger as any normal person would, the owners declare that a thorough sperm wash of the HIV carrier has been performed and that she is getting an extra $2,000 USD. At this point, the surrogate does not care about the money but her ultimate health. Who will be held responsible should she be less than the 1% that could have HIV transmitted via an embryo transfer?

They will play you cold and have you believe there’s more than five surrogate’s delivering babies every month when they only have a total of six surrogates pregnant.

This agency needs to be shut down and many of the employees that worked for this company left for all the good reasons mentioned here. Their rebuttal will be weak and alleging their previous employees were terminated for stealing. The turmoil of an untrustworthy agency and the exploitation of surrogates and intended parents drove many of the employees out.

What this Agency is about:

-Exploitation of desperate couples wanting a child

-Exploitation of women who have a lack of communication with Intended Parents and lack of support

available to them.

- Employ poor desperate women and pay them less than $10K

- Unethical – they offer a commission to anyone who introduces them to potential surrogates (illegal in


Both Geoff Moss and Lilly Frost were involved in Planet Hospitals scandals. This time Lilly Frost and Danielle Darrin are operating a surrogacy program by exploiting many surrogates and swindling intended parents money. Be careful.

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I just watched this on Unreported World news and I'm APPAULDED AND HOFFIFIED to KNOW THAT A WOMEN WAS IMPREGNATED WITH HIV POSITIVE SPERM!!!! And wasn't told!

I just read that the mother is to be tested psychologically and physically but what about these parents *** and not ***!!! We as a people need this to STOP!!!!

I'm ready!! And pissed!

Marietta, Georgia, United States #1272887

This is all true from my horrible experience as a customer not a donor. Do not associate with this fraudulent company.

They will take your money and leave already impoverished women in Mexico worse off than they were before this horrible experience.

Run away. Far far away!



I'm a journalist and I am very interested in your story. Could you please contact me ? My address is elodie.noel[a]

Many thanks,

Elodie Noël

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